My name is Muhammad Al-Tahan, and I work as an English-to-Arabic translator, specializing mainly in entertainment products such as video games and movies. Besides professional work, I have done several unofficial and volunteer translations on the side as a hobby.

Using this blog, I will share with you some random thoughts related to translation. In particular, I like writing about the projects I have worked on, and often compare them to their original English counterparts. Usually, the focus is on the challenges that arose during the translation process, and how I dealt with them. I always found these kind of discussions interesting and valuable (although, I am not sure if other people share this interest with me). Additionally, you will find:

  • Reviews of Arabic translations of popular games
  • Lists of books and papers that I found interesting or valuable
  • Discussions about the peculiarities of Arabic and Middle Eastern culture
  • And many other things

Why do I write in English?

Although I translate into Arabic, and deal mainly with Arabic texts, I write in English so that my content reach as much people as possible. Any English speaker or translator who translate from or into it can read my posts and, hopefully, benefit from them. Additionally, when giving Arabic examples, I always try to provide English back-translations, so knowledge of Arabic is by no way essential.

Can I hire you?

Sure! See this page for more info.


In memory of Blondie. May we cross the Rainbow Bridge together.